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Our Vision & Ethos


Our vision is for a world where every single young person has access to the best education they need - delivered in the best possible environment - so they can thrive, succeed, and flourish, no matter what circumstances they face.

We strive for all of our pupils to be successful learners who reach their potential in all they do; confident learners, who develop resilience and show respect to others, via kindness. Learners who become responsible citizens, well-prepared for life and work via a range of independence skills, that enable them health and happiness in their future lives. 


At Cardrew Court School we believe that education should take place in a fully inclusive environment that provides equitable opportunities for all. We believe that learning is the process by which pupils gradually acquire knowledge, concepts, skills, and attitudes to enable them to make greater sense of the world. Teaching and learning  is central to our work as educators, and it stems from the school’s vision statement based on the principles that every pupil deserves and has the right to; 


We're striving to provide a safe, positive learning environment where everyone feels they belong. Through this sense of belonging, we want to foster every member of our community to build kind and respectful relationships. Honesty, transparency, and authenticity are what all our work is built on. Every single voice matters. Everyone can have ideas, express views, and be heard.


We prepare young people for the next step, whatever that step may be, through innovation, excitement, and opportunity. Our commitment to them is to give them the education and skills they need to lead rich, active, and fulfilling lives beyond school all while being in a space where they feel safe, supported, and happy.


Together we support every learner to ensure they reach their unique potential. This includes supporting pupils to achieve the accreditations for the next steps they have chosen on their journey to adulthood. We aim to support pupils to identify what makes them happy and equip them with the knowledge and skills to lead an independent life in the future. We make SEN exciting. We’re the go-getters and the trend-setters. We’re not bound by convention and infuse our energy and passion through everything we do. We believe in setting new standards and consistently raising them through the quality of our work and approach.

We challenge conventions, we pioneer excellence, and we work tirelessly to create better tomorrows for our young people and their families.