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Cardrew Court School’s Outreach Team can reach out to families and pupils who, for various reasons, are unable to attend school. We create a package of emotional and academic support, to meet the individual needs.

The bespoke support we can provide may include:

  • Direct teaching with individual programmes written by the teacher.
  • This may take place:
    • In the home
    • In school
    • In a community location
  • Remote teaching via Teams
  • Direct reintegration support
  • Telephone advice to parents 
  • Home visits

Outreach programmes available to local schools and education providers:

The Cardrew Court Outreach Team will be able to provide a range of individual and small group programmes for local schools and education providers to purchase for their learners who may need a bespoke package to meet individual need, as part of their school week. 

Cardrew Court School will be able to offer Outreach in Vocational Food studies and Outdoor Education pursuits in the first instance.

Advice and Guidance:

The Cardew Court Outreach Team is also able to work alongside other schools in the local area to provide advice and support to any young person who is finding it challenging to remain in or return to school. If you are interested in utilising our team, in this way or via the Outreach programmes then don't hesitate to get in touch with the Cardrew Office email;