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Therapies/therapeutically informed practice

We value therapies as an integral part of our learner's development.

Staff working at Cardrew Court will be accredited (or working towards) Trauma Informed Practitioners.

The curriculum offer will be supported by therapeutically informed interventions, therapy informed practice, trauma informed practice – delivered via trained staff as part of quality first teaching and specific group and individual interventions.  

We will have an occupational therapist as well as a speech and language therapist who will work with us to support the provision within learner's EHCP's. They will assess and develop pupils' programmes as well as support our staff development and skills in their specialist areas.

We will engage with external providers to enhance and compliment our therapeutic offer in terms of bespoke intervention sessions, group work, and staff training.

We have a whole school approach to sensory breaks. At break and lunchtimes, we will provide a variety of physical activities that include sensory circuits and physical development, both gross and fine.

Our Therapy team can offer a range of interventions including but not limited to:

  • Individual Trauma-informed intervention sessions
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy approaches
  • Social Skills 
  • Emotion Coaching
  • Lego Therapy
  • Draw & Talk

All therapeutic interventions delivered at Cardrew Court School will start with a pre-intervention assessment, to identify specific needs and target areas to focus on. Staff will use Strength & Difficulties Questionnaires (SDQ's) and other appropriate profiling tools to complete pre and post-intervention assessments. Such methods will not only allow practitioners to view the impact of our interventions, but provide a pit stop in time, to refer to when performing future interventions for the pupil.